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El Castillo del Cacao

Chocolate & Cacao

Is it you?

We are constantly on the outlook for individuals that can bring in
new ideas and investments into the enterprise. Our thoughts go out to
providing internship spaces to students involved in food processing
and conservation. Expert advice will be sought to bring the enterprise
up to international standard.

/El Castillo

Photo: Ronald de Hommel

We are El Castillo del Cacao

El Castillo del Cacao currently has ten permanent employees. 5 in production, 3 in construction and 2 in admin and logistics

Production team










Meyling del Socorro Arceda and Luz Marina Alvarado Olivas, kitchen manager. Others in the production team are Yara Barrera Blandón, Claudia Gonzales García and Mildred Rizo Calderon.

Construction team







From the left: Oscar, Manuel and Don Camilo

Accounting and sales

Our accountant is Robimson Lenin Blandón and our retail seller Marvin Asurgas. (Pictures in the pipeline)


We are four partners, Harm is founder and General Manager, Milton is President of the Company and resolves legal issues. Maurits is our representative in Europe, based in Amsterdam. Reint provides his business expertise from Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Harm van Oudenhoven, General Manager

Harm has experience with small-scale business development including three private enterprises in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka. Excellent reporting skills and identification of alternative production methods. Manages day to day running of the production and is CdC's general manager. Harm's CV

00 505 772 2002

00 505 851 7119

Maurits the Koning, CdC's European Representative based in Amsterdam:

Maurits has experience with development of community based enterprise in El Salvador and Honduras as well as experience in commercial banks in the Netherlands (ING Bank). Currently employed as advisor in financial services for SNV Netherlands. He advises the business plan’s financial aspects and its cash flow statements. In the future he will be the CdC responsible for the Honduras and El Salvador markets and eventual replication of production facilities in Honduras and El Salvador. Maurits's CV

0031 (0) 20 4710363

0031 (0)6 36020739 (mobile)


Milton Fernández Vargas

Milton has lived fifteen years in Nicaragua. Long-term consultancy experience. In charge of legal terms. Has good links with owners of food distributors and supermarkets. Currently employed as SNV advisor for “gobernabilidad ambiental y forestal”. Milton's CV

00 505 851 3922







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