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El Castillo del Cacao

Chocolate & Cacao

Glocal cacao

Too often is cacao exported from the producing countries to Europe or the US where it is refined, and eaten. We want to change that by producing chocolate in Nicaragua for the Nicaraguans (and all others, of course!).

/El Castillo

Photo: Ronald de Hommel

CdC news and actualities

The CdC is constantly changing. New relations are formed, people move in and out,, new constructions and projects started in a flow of expansion. On this page we publish some of the changes of a growing industry.

The Students have left We have sold their car

Willem and Rutger are back in the Netherlands, Rutger received a 9 out of 10 for his report, we are still waiting for Willem to finish his. Their Lada was sold to cacao farmers for 8 bags of cacao. May the NIVA live forever!


After 10 Months of speculation, an article of El Castillo del Cacao is being published in the biggest Dutch Newspaper Het Algemeen Dagblad Saturday 24th, 2007. Buy a copy!


CdC Goes to Italy
Harm and Milton are spending some exciting days in Turin, Italy, invited to Salone Gusto as representatives for Nicaraguan Chocolate!


The students are here

Rutger and Willem, two Dutch students (Rutger is a chemical engineer and Willem a technical engineer ) are now working hard with their project at the CdC. Their task is to analyze and improve our production line. It is just great to see them! When did you calculate the wind stream needed to blow cacao shells but not the grains up a pipe the last time? That is what they are doing on the picture. When they have calculated enough, we will have a winnowing machine - and who knows what else.

Mid October

Saskia, a dutch journalist spends a week with us. Apparently the outcome will be radio, tv, internet and press. Great!

Here in a 'play-with-
sink-break' with Vincent.


Late September and October
The construction work continues. The Cacao warehouse ventilation has been improved. The courtyard is being painted and protected from the sun and rain. Further, the Tower roofs have been strengthened, we are building a new washing area and new facilities for the staff to change clothes and shower.


Mid september
The office is like new. It used to be a garage so the floor was not horizontal. Which made us look a bit funny after a days working - try sit working on a chair on a mountain side and you see what we mean. But, with the new floor the office is just great!


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