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El Castillo del Cacao

Chocolate & Cacao

How to find us

Managua to Matagalpa takes about 2 hours. Continue through Matagalpa towards El Tuma La Dalia. When you pass the Esso station Las Marías, continue 800 metres until you see the El Castillo del Cacao sign on the left side of the road, turn left and you'll see the castle on the top of the hill.

/You are welcome!

Photo: Ronald de Hommel

Contact us

telephone numbers and e-mail

If you are calling from overseas dial Nicaragua +505.


El castillo del Cacao 2772 2002

In Nicaragua

Milton Fernández 505-8851 3922


In the Netherlands

Harm van Oudenhoven 31-06-17375037

Maurits de Koning 31-06 36020739





Post address

El Castillo del Cacao s.a.
Apartado Postal 56



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