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El Castillo del Cacao

Chocolate & Cacao

Glocal cacao

Too often is cacao exported from the producing countries to Europe or the US where it is refined, and eaten. We want to change that by producing chocolate in Nicaragua for the Nicaraguans (and all others, of course!).

/El Castillo

Photo: Ronald de Hommel

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions from customers and others that are interested in what we do. Feel free to ask us new questions.

How do I order chocolate from the CdC?
- Find the product you want at Our Products.
- Send an email to: where you state which products and which quantity you want, your name and address
- Our prices, on the Shop page, are for orders to the US or the EU, if you want chocolate sent elsewhere, mail us for prices.
- You will receive an email where we confirm your order.
- In the confirmation email we give you the payment details. Dutch or Nicaraguan bank only
- We send you your chocolate, about ten days later you will have it.
- NOTE: Our chocolate does not contain anything but natural products. The life of our products is limited


What kind of cacao do you use in your chocolate?
We use Criollo and Forestero cacao that we buy from small farmers in the Department of Matagalpa

The Criollo bean is considered to be the best cacao bean and amongst them the Nicaraguan criollo is top notch.


How much cacao is it in your chocolate, what is the cacao percentage? 50% to 100% cacao, 50% or less in sugar. We do not add any other oils.


Where can I buy your chocolate?
You can buy it in Nicaragua, the shops that sell it are listed under Sales in the menu to the left. You can also buy it online under Shop. We are increasing the number of sales points in Nicaragua and in the near future we start selling in the rest of Central America.

You can also find us on events and fairs around Central America, you can find when and where under News.


I do not live in Nicaragua but I still want to eat your chocolate. Can I?
Yes, you can order our chocolate from our online shop and we will send it to you.


I would like to visit you and see the Castle, learn about the park project and chocolate making. Can I?
You are more than welcome to! Together with Matagalpa Tours we have developed a tour that takes about an hour. During the tour you will learn anything you want about chocolate, our environmental projects and of course, enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


I would like to contribute to your reforestation and park projects. How can I do that?
Through our project.

The – online engagement is a concept for an online forum that will combine human development with commercial interest; tourism with production; environment with real estate and sustainable technology. Supporting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, connects people’s ideas and inputs to a dynamic, sustainable and commercial project: providing a working example of how development can be organized in the future. By briefly presenting in this section we want to place CdC in a global context and also give a pre-view of a future investment opportunity.

The view from the castle, with the office building in front

El Castillo del Cacao is located in Northern Nicaragua. A unique and precious area with its mountain rain forests, vast bio-diversity and rich potential for forestal production. Alas, as in too many parts of the world, nature is under threat by outdated farming techniques and bad management combined with a growing industrialization. In the struggle for economical development, environmental concerns are not prioritized on many agendas.

Globally, there is a growing interest in this problem; how to combine economical growth with long-term sustainability. And this is where is a solution. With, we want to spread ideas and offer investment opportunity in environmental responsible businesses and projects. These will be presented, online, to founders and investors with detailed description, also online, of the critical situation and eventual potential.

With we aim to raise awareness and investment interest to turn the tide and use the latent potential hidden in Northern Nicaragua.

Email us for info on how to take active part in the project.

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