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El Castillo del Cacao

Chocolate & Cacao

How to find us

Managua to Matagalpa takes 2 hours. Continue through Matagalpa towards El Tuma, La Dalia. When you pass the Esso station Las Maria's, continue 800 metres until you see the El Castillo del Cacao sign on the left side of the road, turn left and you'll see El Castillo del Cacao on the top of the hill.


/You are welcome!

Photo: Ronald de Hommel

Consultancy and capacity building

Chocolate and cacao is our specialty and we give advice directly to cacao farmers. We offer further advisory services in setting up small agro related and eco friendly businesses. We promote corporate social responsibility in general and stimulate sharing of knowledge between producer and transformer.

In Nicaragua we are experimenting with new trainings in chocolate production, training farmers on how to make their own cacao pasta and chocolate. We hope this will generate employment, but above all increase knowledge of cacao farmers: how their product is used and transformed in the world. HIVOS donated E5000

Our team has experience in various countries ranging from Sri Lanka to Honduras, in coffee, tilapia, bamboo, tree nurseries and other high potential products.










Through the running of El Castilo del Cacao, a private business registered in Nicaragua, we are confronted by the difficulties of business in a developing country: every day, every hour. Combined with our wide experience in social and environmental programs we have an unique expertise suitable for advising private business, public forums and non-governmental organisations:

  • Training in environmental favourable production
  • Identifing investment opportunities
  • Suitable production techniques using local resources
  • Support and advice in registration and legalization of business




El Cua: Matagalpa, Feb 2007, El Castillo del Cacao and FONDAGRO explain farmers about the advantages of certifing cacao and the process used to make chocolate using basic techniques. Mail or call us for more information.


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